Question:  What is the first step toward a resale of my property?

Answer: You need info on a reasonable asking price. Call Tom at 800-238-4848 and he will immediately generate 2 reports for you. The first is a list of condos in your building actively for sale and their asking price. The second report provides accurate resale prices of all units sold in the building over the last 24 months.

Question: Should I list at the lowest acceptable price or add some money to make room for negotiating?

Answer: Add to your lowest price. Tom Taylor is one of the most skilled negotiators in real estate. He is widely respected and his opinion of value is recognized by other agents.

Question: Is the listing agreement complicated and can I cancel at any time?

Answer: South Carolina has uniform listing and sale agreements used by all and easily understood. Of course, you may cancel at any time if you so desire.

Question: How do I receive the listing agreement and deliver keys for showing? Can you coordinate with my rental company?

Answer: Listing agreements are sent electronically using Doc-U-Sign and keys are mailed to us. If you prefer mail or FedEx, that is fin Yes, Tom knows all the rental companies and they work with him in a professional manner.

Question: When will I know if my unit is being shown?

Answer: A copy of the request for showing is e-mailed when received. We do everything possible to accommodate a showing and feedback from potential buyers is always sent to the Homeowner. You have to show it to sell it - professional photography, video tours, and enthusiastic well written description of the property will generate showings.

Question: Do I have to come to the beach for closing if the date is not convenient?

Answer: No. Homeowners usually close by mail and sales proceeds are wired to their bank. Mail closing (FedEx) also provides extra time to review the closing statement.